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News - Tuesday 22 April, 2014

  • Fadden Pines commences soon:
    SCT's Fadden Pines Schools' Cross Country season commences on 4 May at the Fadden Pines Picnic Area, Bugden Ave, Gowrie. These short cross country races are open to all school-aged children, parents and volunteers. More details available here.

  • Kelsey-Lee Roberts named in Commonwealth Games Team!
    Wednesday 9 April:
    SCT's Kelsey-Lee Roberts (javelin) was today named in Australia's team for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. She joins a team of 45 athletes including five other ACT athletes - Martin Dent (marathon), Zoe Buckman (1500m), Melissa Breen (100m), Lauren Wells (400H) and Emily Brichacek (5000m). Well done Kelsey-Lee!

  • SCT February Email Update:
    Hi Everyone,

    The ACT Athletics Championships were held over the weekend Fri 7th - Sun 9th Feb and it was a great weekend for SCT and Athletics in general. It was particularly good to see several athletes competing in their first championships, as these athletes are the future of our club. You can find full results from the championships at the link below but I'd like to mention a few standout performances from SCT athletes over the weekend:

    The strongest performances of the Friday night were in the 800m with South Canberra Athletes taking out the win in 4 different age group races! Really great to see and congratulations to you all.

    Bridget Reilly, 1st, U20 Womens, 2:12.66
    Emily French, 3rd, U18 Womens, 2:31.74
    Rohan Hosking, 1st, U14 Men, 2:25.35
    Keiran Reilly, 1st, U16 Men, 2:07.32
    Adrian Plummer 1st, U18 Men, 1:58.59

    Keiran Reilly, 2nd, U16 Mens, 43.33m

    Race Walking
    Elizabeth Hosking, 1st, U20 Womens 500m Race Walk, 26:26.11
    Jordan Bardsley, 3rd U16 Womens 3000m Race Walk, 19:24.37


    Emily French, 1st, U18 Womens, 5:22.55
    Rohan Hosking, 2nd, U14 Mens, 5:03.52
    Keiran Reilly, 2nd, U16 Mens, 4:30.84
    Brandon Bardsley, 2nd U18 Mens, 4:15.76

    Nathan McNab, U18 Mens, 23.15

    Kelsey-Lee Roberts Commonwealth Games A Qualifier in the Womens Javelin!
    A big congratulations to Kelsey-Lee Roberts who threw a massive PB of 63.92m in the Open Women's Javelin event to dominate the competition and qualify for the Commonwealth Games later this year! It's really exciting to see someone from South Canberra performing at a world class level and especially in Canberra!
    There is an article about Kelsey-Lee which was in Sundays edition of the Canberra Times which you can access online here.


    Ashleigh Lawrence, 2nd, U16 Womens, 9.29m
    Keiran Reilly, 1st, U16 Mens, 12.20m

    Nathan McNab, 3rd, U18 Mens, 11.53

    Keiran Reilly, 3rd, U16 Mens, 55.05
    Adrian Plummer, 1st U18 Mens, 50.49
    Hugh McKenzie, U18 Mens, 53.5

    A special mention goes out to Tim D'Abrera one of the AWD athletes who competed at the weekend. Tim competed in 8 events over the weekend which is a massive effort! Congratulations Tim! As promised, here is the link to the full results for the championships.

    If you competed, coached or volunteered over the weekend and would like to provide feedback about the event or any issue you encountered over the weekend, please email me and Ryan or myself will forward it on on your behalf.

    Best regards,
    Peter Hosking

  • Record Broken at SCT's Annual Turkey Run!
    Turkey Winners! A 'recent' record number of runners (63 in total) completed SCT's Annual Christmas Turkey Run at Fadden Pines on Sunday 22 December. There were also a few additional potential runners being pushed in strollers. A lovely morning at this free event was enjoyed by all. SCT provided cold drinks afterwards and generous Runners Shop vouchers were presented to the first three people who estimated most closely their finish time prior to this 'no watch' run/walk. The Runners Shop also provided running socks which were presented as random draw prizes. Turkey Run results (Distance 3.554km):

    1st place was Rad Leovic who was 1.73sec off his estimated time.
    2nd place went to Jeremy Markwick who was 2.90sec off.
    3rd place went to Phillip Holgin who was 3.90sec off.

    The frozen turkey prize from Alf's Butchery was awarded to Shirley Fegan who was closest to a random time selected prior to the event. Contratulations Shirley! See you all next year. During the presentations Ryan reminded people about the Fadden Pines Schools' Cross Country which will be starting in May. Check back for further details closer to the commencement date.

Place Name Time Diff Net Place
1 Rad Leovic 24:50.27 1.73 36
2 Jeremy Markwick 16:02.90 2.9 17
3 Phillip Holgin 15:28.90 3.9 13
4 Tim D'Abrera 18:29.04 8.96 23
5 Keira Fegan 24:26.40 13.4 35
6 Alison Schmidtchen 24:51.54 14.54 37
7 Jeff Grey 13:44.92 17.08 8
8 Rohan Hosking 13:27.62 17.62 7
9 Brandon Bardsley 11:59.99 25.01 1
10 Callum Burns 13:26.71 26.71 6
11 David Clarke 16:43.78 32.78 18
12 Tim Cochrane 12:25.27 34.73 4
13 Nigel England 15:23.09 36.91 12
14 Michelle Burns 15:47.40 37.4 16
15 Lorna England 36:24.02 40.98 58
16 Michelle cochrane 23:11.97 48.03 31
17 Geoff Monro 15:45.07 14.07 15
18 Gwyllym Young 15:15.42 50.42 11
19 Eric Lindemann 35:54.03 54.03 57
20 Jesse Biancardi 23:34.04 55.96 33
21 Spencer Burns 14:06.43 56.43 9
22 Maria Brady 20:32.00 01:09.00 27
23 Lee Glover 32:15.90 01:12.10 51
24 Michael Burt 27:25.35 01:13.35 42
25 Peter Thomson 17:33.03 01:13.97 20
26 Shirley Fegan 27:56.26 01:14.74 44
27 Jim White 19:17.60 01:16.40 26
28 Ewen Thompson 21:03.08 01:19.12 29
29 Alicia Biancardi 26:49.82 01:19.82 41
30 Stephen Sanday 12:19.91 01:25.09 3
31 Tony Hrstic 14:44.42 01:37.58 10
32 Laura Burns 17:25.40 01:40.40 19
33 Suriyani Aleksandrovsky 26:43.51 01:43.51 39
34 Kelly Dunden 27:53.13 01:51.87 43
35 Amanda Jocumsen 30:45.66 01:54.34 48
36 Elle Knight 15:40.12 01:54.88 14
37 Maria White 30:16.20 01:56.20 46
38 Jodie Shipway 20:42.58 02:04.42 28
39 Peter Daly 18:09.94 02:11.94 22
40 Harley 26:46.83 02:16.83 40
41 Nick Walshe 12:03.11 02:26.89 2
42 Aidan Pitt 18:53.79 02:37.79 24
43 Annie Price 23:50.77 02:50.77 34
44 Karen O'Callaghan 29:51.32 02:51.32 45
45 Sebastian Young 17:56.18 02:58.82 21
46 Maia Pitt 23:33.23 03:13.23 32
47 Sienna Pitt 21:46.09 03:27.09 30
48 Paul considine 30:32.24 03:34.24 47
49 Lucy Considine 31:07.98 04:05.98 49
50 David Pitt 25:35.81 04:35.81 38
51 Cherie Marshall 32:16.80 04:37.20 52
52 Charlie Fegan 33:27.32 05:15.32 56
53 Norma Lindemann 32:40.70 05:16.37 53
54 Alice Lonsdale 45:45.58 05:45.58 61
55 Sarah Lonsdale 45:46.52 05:46.52 62
56 Lyndon Storey 45:47.28 05:47.28 63
57 Sebastian Markwick 32:58.08 07:58.08 54
58 Linda Markwick 33:04.60 08:04.60 55
59 Natsuko Davies 31:31.64 18:28.36 50
60 Shoichiro Davies 40:59.47 19:00.53 60
61 Ged Davies 40:52.65 20:07.35 59
62 Peter Hosking 12:57.03 59:59.00 5
63 Peter Foster 19:13.53 59:59.00 25

  • SCT December Email Update:
    Just a quick email about the Turkey Run and a little bit of general information for December.

    Tuggeranong Turkey Run
    Every year SCT Athletics organises a 4km Turkey run at Fadden Pines. This year's event is on this Sunday the 22nd starting at 9am. Participants must guess their finish time for the course before they race and run without a watch, the person closest to their guessed time is the winner. This is the only type of race that you can walk leisurely with your friends and still win. We have some great prizes from the Runners Shop including vouchers for 1st, 2nd and 3rd as well as barrell draw prizes.
    Just to recap the information:
    Event: 4km (approx) Turkey Run.
    Location: Fadden Pines Carpark, Bugden Avenue, Fadden.
    Start time: 9am (please arrive at least 15 minutes early for registration).
    Cost: Free.
    It would be great to see as many as you as possible down on Sunday morning to support the club at the Turkey Run.
    If you have any questions please either respond to this email or call me on 0402 096 664.

    The Runners Shop Sale
    Every year the runners shop has a big sale in January, this year the sale has started early and is on now. There are some great savings on all leading brands of shoes and apparel. Please get down to The Runners Shop and support the local business that supports our club.
    Address: 76 Dundas Court, Phillip.
    Contact: 6285 3508

    Christmas Relays
    Last week the YMCA Runners Club had its annual Christmas Relays and we had a team in the relay. I'm told that it was a great event and our team went well. Thanks to everyone who ran or helped organise the team and timing!

    I wish you all the best over Christmas and the holidays and I look forward to seeing you either this weekend at the Turkey Run or in the new year.

    Best regards,

    Peter Hosking


  • Sad News:

    Alan Bishop was a long standing member of South Canberra Tuggeranong over decades. He was on the committee in different positions through the years and was a coach to many, many people in Canberra.

    We mentioned in a previous email that he passed away after being very ill. For those of us who knew Alan, there is a memorial service for him on this Sunday (8 December) at 11am. The location details are as follows:

    Paint Box Fine Art Studio
    32 Lonsdale Street
    Braddon ACT

    There will be an opportunity for anyone to say a few words during the memorial.

  • Top Award for Kelsey-Lee Roberts:
    SCT's Kelsey-Lee Roberts has won the Garry Knoke Memorial Award for Track & Field at the Annual AIS Awards presentation held last week. Congratulations Kelsey-Lee!

  • SCT Annual Turkey Run!
    SCT's popular 'Turkey Run' will be held on Sunday 22 December at Fadden Pines Picnic Area, Bugden Ave, Gowrie. Starting time will be 9AM for this free event. The course will be approximately 4k of 2 laps through the scenic pine forest. There will be an optional 1-lap course of approximately 2k. Prizes of a Christmas Turkey and Runners Shop shoe vouchers will be awarded to the runners who guess closest to their finishing times. No watches (or GPS) allowed! Entry is free so come along and enjoy a last 'race' of 2013!

  • Vale — Dot Mills OAM
    The club has just received the following very sad news from Athletics ACT about the passing of Dot Mills:

    Dot Mills OAM, Life Member of ACT Athletics and long-serving member of the Athletics Australia family passed away on Monday after a battle with cancer. Dot's cheery smile and wonderful words of advice were always welcome when she was in the officials room. She was the "motherly lady". Dot packed much into her life and her love of the sport is evidenced by the positions she held as a volunteer and the recognition she received as a result.

    According to The Canberra Times her funeral will be held tomorrow, 3 October 2013, at the White Lady Chapel, 101 Nettlefold Street, Belconnen, ACT, commencing at 4pm.

    Dot will be sadly missed by all in the sport of athletics.

    Following is a list of Dot's activities in the sport of Athletics.

    Dot Mills joined Athletics through the local club South Canberra Tuggeranong (SCT) in 1965. At that time there was no separate Athletics ACT Association and all local officials registered with Athletics New South Wales.

    1965 to 1970 inc - Dot was a member of the Walks Selection Committee.
    1965 to 1972 inc - Dot was the Secretary of the ACT Branch of the NSW Country Athletics Association.
    1965 to 1974 inc - Dot was a member of the ACT Branch's Social Committee.
    1965 to 1989 inc - Dot was a Committee Member of South Canberra Tuggeranong.
    1965 to 2008 inc - Dot has officiated at all ACT Championships both summer and winter competitions.
    1966 to 1975 inc - Dot acted as Manageress of ACT teams competing in NSW Country and State Championships.
    1968 to 1985 inc - Dot was the registrar of South Canberra Tuggeranong club.
    1968 to 1990 inc - Dot held positions as Assistant Secretary and Vice President of Athletics ACT.
    1969 to 1972 inc - Dot was the Records Officer of Athletics ACT.
    1972 to 2007 inc - Dot has officiated at all Athletics Australia Championships and NSW Championships and NSW Cross Country Championships.
    1974 - NSW & ACT sent a women's athletics team to New Zealand Commonwealth Games and Dot was the Manageress for the team.
    1976 & 1978 - Dot was appointed as Manageress for the Fiji International Games.
    1977 - Dot was appointed as an Assistant Manager of Officials at the Pacific Conference Games.
    1980 to 2009 inc - Dot was the Awards Officer for Athletics ACT.
    1980 to 2009 inc - Dot was the Education Officer for Athletics ACT. Dot's home was used as a venue for officials to undertake their Athletic Australia grading examinations.
    1982 - Dot was appointed as an official to conduct the Commonwealth Games being hosted in Brisbane. Her role was as a track umpire and marshal. Many of the uniforms supplied for the event were incorrectly sized and Dot spent many hours altering the uniforms for her fellow officials.
    1985 - Dot was appointed as a timekeeper at the World Cup in Canberra.
    1990 to 1992 inc - Dot was appointed as a timekeeper at the Australian Federal Police Championships.
    1997 - Dot was appointed as the Assistant Manager of Officials at the World Masters Games in Canberra.
    2000 - Dot was appointed as the Assistant Manager of Officials at the Olympic & Paralympics Games in Sydney.
    2001 - Dot was appointed as the Assistant Manager of Officials at the World Veterans Games in Brisbane and the Assistant Manager at the Sydney Youth Olympics in Sydney.
    2005 - Dot was appointed as the Assistant Manager of Officials at the Sydney Youth Olympics in Sydney.
    2005 - Dot was appointed as the Assistant Manager of Officials at the World INAS Games (athletes with a disability) in Canberra.
    2007 - Dot was appointed as the Assistant Manager of Officials at the Sydney Youth Olympics in Sydney.
    2008 - Dot was appointed as the Assistant Manager of Officials at the Pacific School Games in Canberra.


    1975 - Merit Award NSW Athletics
    1980 - Merit Award South Canberra Tuggeranong
    1982 - Merit Award Athletics ACT
    1985 - Life Member South Canberra Tuggeranong
    1995 - Life Member Athletics ACT
    2000 - Australian Sports Medal
    2001 - Chief Minister's Award for Sport and Recreation

  • SCT September Email Update:
    Hi Everyone,
    Just a quick general update.

    National XC Championships
    Launceston held the national cross country championships for 2013 and there were some great runs by club members. Congratulations to everyone who competed from SCT and the ACT. Some excellent performances include:
    Brandon Bardsley and Adrian Plummer in the U16 Boys 4km, who came 22nd and 38th respectively. Full results can be found here:

    Upcoming Track Season Meets
    There will be 6 regular interclub meets held at the AIS track beginning on October 5th and ending on November 15 before the AIS is closed for resurfacing. ACT Athletics has been told that the track will be ready to use again in January. During the time the track is closed, ACT Athletics has organised a bus to take athletes to competitions in Albury on Nov 30 and Sydney on Dec 14. If you would like a place on the bus I recommend getting in touch with ACT Athletics soon, as it is likely that spots will fill up quickly.

    Coaching Courses
    On Sun 27 October the Level 1 ASC Community Coaching Training Program/ Level 1 Community Athletics Coach Program, will be held at the AIS. The course has replaced the Level 1 Athletics Coaching Course, but I understand that it is fundamentally very similar. It runs all day from 8:45-5pm. Food and drink are provided. Previously South Canberra Tuggeranong has sponsored people who are interested in becoming coaches, so if you would like to become a coach please let me know!

    Sprints and Jumps Training
    Coach: Chris McNab
    Email: mcnabfour [AT] bigpond [DOT] com
    Location: Banks Oval
    Time: Tuesdays, 5:00pm
    If you are interested in attending a session please contact Chris.

    Best regards,
    Peter Hosking

  • SCT AGM and Annual Awards Night:
    Jim Wins again!Your Annual General Meeting and Awards Night was held on Tuesday 28 May at the Erindale club of the TVRUASC. Annual reports were presented, followed by the election of the committee for 2013/2014.
    Your new committee is:
    President: Ryan Young
    Administrator/Membership Manager: Peter Hosking
    Financial Manager: Mike Sexton
    Vikings Representative: Jane McGlew
    Website Manager: Ewen Thompson
    Public Officer: Mike Sexton
    General Committee: Jim White, Trish D'Abrera, Geoff Monro, Gary Hosking, Kelly Candy.

    Annual Awards were presented as follows:


    Vets Men
    1) Charlie Modrak
    2) Geoff Monro
    3) Jim White

    Open Men
    1) John Winsbury
    2) Timothy D'Arbera
    3) Peter Hosking

    Open Women
    1) Hannah Flannery
    2) Jessamy Hosking
    3) Betsy Anderson-Smith

    U16 Women
    1) Ashleigh Resch
    2) Bridget Reilly

    U14 Men
    1) Gwyllym Young


    Open Men
    1) Timothy D'Abrera
    2) Stephen Sanday
    3) Alex Buchanan

    U20 Men
    1) Jonathan Tammen
    2) Cameron Nicholls
    3) Harry Bates

    U18 Men
    1) Lachlan Baynham
    2) Nathan McNab

    U16 Men
    1) Brandon Bardsley
    2) Adrian Plummer
    3) Hugh McKenzie

    Open Women
    1) Leah Wheelhouse
    2) Kelsey-Lee Roberts
    3) Hannah Flannery

    U20 Women
    1) Natalie Tanks

    U18 Women
    1) Ashleigh Resch

    U16 Women
    1) Jordan Bardsley

    In General Business, Gary Hosking suggested the idea of a perpetual trophy/award to be presented at Fadden Pines to one of the children in honour of Greg Gilbert. It was agreed that this was a good idea and the new committee would decide on how the recipient would be selected.
    Kelsey-Lee Roberts suggested the idea of an SCT Facebook Page (so members could interact, find out about 'breaking' news items and other matters of interest). It was agreed that this was a great idea and Kelsey-Lee would investigate and get this under way. Stay tuned for the SCT Facebook page!
    The lucky door raffle prizes were drawn. Jim White won the Martin Dent signed Australian Olympic singlet (and certificate) while Geoff Monro and Peter Hosking won Runners Shop gift vouchers.

  • Winsbury finishes third in North Face 50k:
    SCT's John Winsbury has placed 3rd in The North Face 50k trail ultra-marathon, held today (18th May) at Katoomba. John finished in a time of 4 hours, 35 minutes and 17 seconds — about 20 minutes behind race winner Vlad Shatrov (Ironman and 2:27 marathoner).

  • Fadden Pines starts on Sunday:
    SCT's Schools' Cross Country Program commences on Sunday, 5 May at Fadden Pines, Bugden Avenue, Gowrie. The first race commences at 3PM. The cost is $30 for the season (14 weeks) for the first child, $20 for the second, $10 for the third and free after that. Or you may pay weekly - $3, $2, $1 respectively. More info at Results will be published as soon as they are sorted and checked against current records.
    2013 results will be found on the page.

  • Funeral arrangements for Greg Gilbert:
    "We invite all family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances of Greg Gilbert to attend his funeral on Tuesday 30th April 2013, at 11:00am.
    The venue is St Thomas the Apostle Church, 39 Boddington Crescent, Kambah ACT 2902. A Google Maps link is availble by clicking here.
    It would be greatly appreciated if you could pass this information to anyone you think would like to attend.

    Kind regards,

    Greg's family

  • Sad News:
    We learned today of the passing of SCT life member and former president Greg Gilbert. From the Athletics ACT Website:

    "VALE: Greg Gilbert
    Athletics ACT is saddened to hear the news that Life Member Greg Gilbert passed away on April 16. Greg made a huge contribution to the sport locally and nationally as an official and holder of various positions for Athletics ACT. For many years he was the backbone of ACT athletics track and field preparation and equipment maintenance. Greg officiated at many Athletics Australia events, most recently at the Australian Athletics Championships.
    Our condolences to Greg's family. Funeral arrangements will be provided here as they come to hand.

  • The SCT Annual General Meeting and Awards Night:
    Will be held on Tuesday, 28 May, at the Erindale Vikings Club, commencing at 8pm in the downstairs area. The committee is pleased to announce that amongst the lucky-door prizes will be a signed London Olympics team singlet from marathoner Marty Dent! Be there for a chance to win this and other prizes. The meeting is expected to go for an hour or so and your new committee for 2013/14 will be elected. Have your say!

  • The Annual Vikings Sports Awards and Dinner:
    SCT had a full table of 12 attendees on the night, with Hannah Flannery and Bridget Reilly nominated for awards (Hannah for 'Outstanding Achievment for a Senior Athlete' and Bridget for 'Outstanding Achievment for a Junior Athlete'). Susan Powell from the Vikings Cycling Club won the senior award for her silver medal winning performance at the London Paralympics. Jane reported that a good night was had by all and the food was excellent. New Vikings Sports Scholarships were awarded to Bridget Reilly and Jonathan Tammen. Kelsey-Lee Roberts and Angeline Blackburn are on continuing scholarships.

  • The AACT AGM & Awards Night - Friday May 3:
    "Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Athletics ACT will be held on Friday May 3, 2013 at the Hellenic Club of Canberra, Matilda St, Woden beginning at 6.00pm.
    AACT will be looking to fill various committees at the AGM, including the track and field competition, selection, officials and technical committees for the 2013/2014 season.

    This will be followed by the Annual Awards Presentation at 7.30pm. Members, athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, family and supporters are welcome to attend. Please put this date in your diary and more information will be available soon."

  • Tickets for the Vikings Annual Awards Night:
    The annual Vikings Sports Awards are being held on Friday 15 February at 7:00 pm at the Auditorium which is part of the Erindale Club. South Canberra has nominated athletes in two of the categories and we wish them luck. We also have two new recipients of Vikings Sports Scholarships.

    As you are all aware, the Vikings is our major sponsor and they have generously supported many of athletes since their inception (we are a founding affiliated club). The Sports Awards night is one way that we can show our appreciation, and we would like to have as many people as possible attend. The night is very good and moves along at a good rate. The food is excellent and there is an open bar. SCTAC provides a subsidy to members so that the cost is $20 for an adult and $10 for someone under 18.

    Unfortunately we need to supply numbers by COB Friday 8th February. So if you are free on Friday 15 (next week) and want an inexpensive night out and support your fellow club members, contact Mike Sexton by phone - 0438583112 (M) 62499791 (W) 62916749 (H) or via email.

  • Bronze for Bridget at AYOF!
    1500m medalistsSCT's Bridget Reilly has won a bronze medal in the 1500 metres at the 6th Australian Youth Olympic Festival. The AYOF was held in Sydney over the period of 16 to 20 January under the auspices of the Australian Olympic Committee. Many athletes who have competed in past AYOF games have gone on to represent Australia in the Olympic Games — "At the 2012 London Olympic Games over a quarter of the Australian Olympic Team had come through the AYOF, with a total of 106 athletes. Between them they won a total of 19 medals - 3 gold, 8 silver and 8 bronze." [from the AYOF website]

    Bridget, 16, was one of sixty athletes selected for the Australian team. When talking to ACT Athletics prior to the festival, Bridget said "My brother and I have been doing Little Athletics since I was nine. My mum and dad are both heavily involved in the sport as well. When you look around at athletes who get to the Olympics, people like [ACT's] Lauren Boden or Melissa Breen, you see the whole family is always involved in the sport."

    In the 1500m final held on Saturday morning, Bridget finished just behind China's Shuangshuang Xu and New Zealand's Arianna Lord. Times for the three medalists were 4:38.20, 4:38.79 and 4:41.75. Well done Bridget!

  • Social Members:
    We've had our first social members join the club since the category of membership was created at our last AGM, and we look forward to more people joining the club via this method. Keep in mind social members (and regular club members too) that the YMCA Summer Series will commence at the end of January (Tuesday evening races at 6.15pm).
    An online membership form for Social Members is available here - membership is free for financial members of the Tuggies Club. All you'll need to provide are contact details and your TVRUASC membership number.

  • The Annual TVRUASC Sports Awards Night:
    Will be held on Friday 15 February at the Erindale Club. If you're interested in attending, SCT will be organising a table. Please contact Jane or Mike.

  • Record numbers at SCT's annual Turkey Run:
    Rad LeovicSCT's Annual 'Turkey Run' was held on Saturday 22 December 2012 at Fadden Pines. This is a run where entrants estimate their finishing time and run without a watch. Places are awarded to the closest correct 'guesses'. A slightly different course is used each year. The course for 2012 was designed by Jim White and the SCT measuring wheel revealed a distance of 3.988 kilometres (12 metres short of 4k). This year we had 44 runners complete the course on a warm sunny morning.
    If numbers continue to increase we'll have to implement computer generated results as Mike's mental arithmetic was put to the test! Places were very close with the first three between 3.57 and 3.63 seconds away from their estimated times! Jim suggested that SCT organises a second similar run for mid-2013. Stay tuned!

    The winner was Simon Hosking ($200 Gift Voucher - Runners Shop). Time Difference 3.57 seconds.
    Second was Peter Thomson ($150 Gift Voucher - Runners Shop). Time difference 3.60 seconds.
    Third was Jane Livingstone ($100 Gift Voucher - Runners Shop). Time difference 3.63 seconds.
    Olivia Zeller's name was drawn from six people who were close to a mystery percentage time. She was presented with a frozen turkey from Alf's Butchery - perfect for Christmas dinner!

PlaceNameGuessActualDiffKm rateTurkey Pl
1Brett McRitchie14:2713:56.9-30.13:3712
2Steve Rohan-Jones15:0015:04.84.83:474
3Darren Blackhurst16:0015:13.9-46.13:4919
4Jane Livingstone15:2015:23.633.633:523
5Alistair Rogers17:1615:40.0-96.03:5634
6Jeff Grey16:1016:04.6-5.44:026
7Rohan Hosking15:5016:09.019.04:0310
8Jillian Hosking17:2516:21.6-63.44:0624
9Nigel England17:0016:23.4-36.64:0717
10Adrian Muscat17:4216:25.8-1:16.24:0726
11Geoff Monro16:4817:14.526.54:1911
12Luke Schemen-Rogers17:4717:15.4-31.64:2013
13Simon Hosking17:2017:16.43-3.574:201
14Jen Bright17:4017:28.4-11.64:238
15David Wallis18:0017:50.9-9.14:297
16Peter Thomson18:1718:20.603.604:362
17Andrew Matthews19:2018:30.1-49.94:3821
18Harold Brown19:4518:55.5-49.54:4520
19Micarla Sexton18:2018:56.036.04:4516
20Susan Sturgeon21:2020:00.4-1:19.65:0127
21Charlie Modrak21:0020:05.5-54.55:0223
22Greg Butler21:3620:08.4-1:27.65:0331
23Andrew Hosking16:5020:44.83:55.25:1238
24Elle Knight22:0020:50.6-1:09.35:1425
25Jeremy Spindler20:1021:55.81:45.85:3035
26Michael Navaratnam23:4522:17.4-1:27.65:3532
27Kristen Zeller24:1522:51.3-1:23.75:4429
28Ewen Thompson23:1223:45.433.45:5715
29Diana Schneider25:2023:46.3-1:33.75:5833
30Paul Considine24:1023:53.9-16.16:009
31Kate Blackhurst28:0026:03.5-1:56.56:3237
32Bob Chapman27:4526:53.3-51.76:4522
33Rad Leovic27:4827:42.8-5.26:575
34Nathan Vasu90:0030:52.3-59:07.77:4444
35Uday Vasu90:0030:52.9-59:07.17:4443
36Ayesha Majeed35:0031:01.1-3:58.97:4739
37Maria White32:2031:39.7-41.37:5618
38John Kennedy33:1031:47.0-1:237:5828
39Cilla Chapman34:0033:26.8-33.28:2314
40Sarah Majeed35:0033:32.6-1:27.38:2530
43Lorna England34:3036:19.51:49.59:0736
44Olivia Zeller48:1939:58.9-8:20.110:0240

  • The Tuggie Turkey Run!
    Coming up this Saturday, 22 December is the annual 'Tuggie Turkey Run' -- an event not to be missed! It's a race of approximately 4k (exact distance to be announced on the day) where the major prizes go to runners who can estimate their finish time to the closest second. No watches (or Garmins etc) to be worn during the run! The course is 2 laps of a course similar to what is shown in the map below.

    Prizes are Runners Shop vouchers. First is $200, second $150 and third $100. There will also be a frozen turkey awarded as a mystery prize for a secret time. The race is being held on tracks and bike paths at the Fadden Pines picnic area, Bugden Ave, Fadden. Start time is 9am. Entry is free! See you there!

  • Email News Update:
    Following is the email newsletter that was sent to all members. If you're not on the list and would like to receive updates, contact Peter Hosking or Ryan Young.

    " Social Members
    We've had our first social members join the club since the category of membership was created at our last AGM, and we look forward to more people joining the club via this method. Keep in mind social members (and regular club members too) that the YMCA Spring Series has commenced. The second race is a 5k at Barrenjoey Drive on Tuesday 13 November beginning at 6:15pm.

    Interclub The ACT Athletics run interclub meets held at the AIS began again on the 13th of October and we've had good numbers of athletes competing each week. Some of the stand out performances so far have been:
    • Cameron Nicholls breaking 50 secs for the 400m; running 49.49 on Oct 19th.
    • Good runs by juniors, including a 2:06 800m by Brandon Bardsley to just edge out Adrian Plummer (2:09) on the 27th.
    • The herculean efforts of Alex Buchanan & Leah Wheelhouse, who I suspect may be training for the Decathlon/ Heptathlon by competing in 6 or 7 events each week!

    There have been many other SCT athletes out at the track each week and it's been great to see so many members competing, coaching or volunteering. Full results for all interclub meets held so far this year are available at The next interclub meet will be held on Thursday the 22nd of November, from 6pm. It will be hosted by the ACT Veterans Athletic Club.

    Turkey Run
    It's back again! One of the most anticipated events of the year, the annual SCT Turkey Run will be held on the 22nd of December.
    Starting at 9am the run (which changes course each year), will be approximately 4km. Competitors run without a watch and guess their time before the race starts. The fastest runner does not neccesarily win, it is the runner that is closest to the time they guessed who wins.
    Sponsored by The Runners Shop Canberra there will be vouchers and barrel draw prizes, including an actual turkey.

    Scholarship Information
    Application forms for the 2013 Vikings Sports Scholarships are now available. The scholarships are worth $500 per year if attending an ACT secondary college, ie going into year 11 or year 12 in 2013, and up to $1000 per year if attending an ACT TAFE or an ACT university in 2013. The forms are to be returned to Vikings by the 3rd December.
    Jane McGlew will be at the AIS track (in the photo finish area) to give out the forms on Thursday evenings from 5pm, at the AWD championships on the 10th and 11th, at the ACT High School championships on the 13th or the Little Athletics Multi event on the 18th. If these dates aren't suitable please send your address to Jane at or call 62917137. "

  • Fadden Pines News:
    The final event for the 2012 Fadden Pines Schools' Cross Country season will be held this coming Sunday, 5 August. All races will be handicap starts (organised by expert handicapper Jim White). Everyone will receive individual times so you can still record PB times in this event. There will also be free 'Pizza and Coke' (or Lemonade) for runners and supporters after the races.
    In other Fadden Pines News, Under-8 runner Sasha Grove has broken the age record for the 1250m distance by 9 seconds, running a brilliant 5:18. The record was formerly held by Lauren Robards and has stood since 2009.

  • The Runners Shop 5 and 10k Fun Runs:
    The Runners Shop are once again holding the annual 'The Runners Shop Fun Run' on Saturday the 21st of July. It is run in association with the YMCA Canberra Runners Club, and features sponsorship and great prizes from leading running brand New Balance.

    There is a 2km race for kids which begins at 12:00pm, a 5km race at 12:15pm and the main event, the 10km, starting at 1pm. The course starts and finishes near the Boathouse on Menindee Drive in Barton, and follows along the shores of the beautiful Lake Burley Griffin towards the airport. The course is an out and back one which is mostly flat, and very fast, this race has the reputation of being one of the fastest fun run courses in Canberra!

    The beauty of The Runners Shop Fun Run is that anybody can, and will come to try and win, or simply to have fun. There is something on offer here for everyone from joggers completing their first 5km race, through to elite runners wanting to smash their previous personal best. This is a race which has been won in the past by the likes of 2012 London Olympic Marathoner Martin Dent, 1500m star Philo Saunders and in 2011 was won by The Runners Shop's owner Nick Walshe. Who will step up and take the title of the Runners Shop 10km in 2012? The 10k event also hosts the 'SCT Runners Shop Trophy' which will be presented to the fastest SCT members, male and female. Entry fee for the race is only $6 per person for adults and $4 for junior athletes, it is free for YMCA Runners Club members. No need to pre-register, payment taken on the day. There will be some great barrel draw prizes from New Balance, and also the ever popular Runners Shop vouchers! With the fast course, prizes, and cheap entry fees this is a race not to be missed. See you on the 21st of July, at: Menindee Drive Barton.

    SCT will also be providing a free BBQ for members and prospective members. Our new social membership will be availble on the day for $10, or free if you are a member of the TVRUASC.

  • AACT Emerging Athlete Scholarship Program:
    Athletics ACT has introduced the Emerging Athletes Scholarship (EAS) program to provide financial support to those young athletes from the ACT and the region who demonstrate the potential and commitment to achieve success at the national and international level in their area of athletics. It is open to both eligible able bodied and AWD athletes.

    The Scholarship is targeting those emerging athletes at a level below those supported by the ACT Academy of Sport (ACTAS) and therefore those athletes who are currently receiving financial support under the ACTAS Individual Scholarship Program or AIS Visiting Athlete Agreements are not eligible for this program. The AACT Scholarship Program has a limited number of scholarships available each calendar year. For 2012 it is anticipated that up to 5 individual scholarships will be offered. An amount up to $500 will be provided to each successful applicant for 2012/13. Click Here for the selection criteria and application guidelines. Applications must be received by email to by August 5.

  • The SCT AGM and Awards Night:
    Was held at the Erindale club of the TVRUASC on Tuesday 15th of May. A small but enthusiastic number of members were in attendance. Reports were presented followed by the election of office bearers. President Geoff Monro had decided to stand down after serving the club admirably in that role for the past six years.
    Ryan Young was elected President. Congratulations Ryan! Other committee positions were filled as follows:
    Secretary/Administrator: Peter Hosking, Treasurer: Mike Sexton, Vikings Representative: Jane McGlew, Website: Ewen Thompson, General committee members: Geoff Monro, Cathy Tanks, Jim White, Stu Doyle, Garry Hosking, Trish D'Abrera.

    Summer and Winter season awards and perpetual trophies were then presented. After this, a unanimous vote from those present was in favour of a change to the club constitution to allow for 'social memberships'. Full details of this will be available soon. It is envisaged that the cost of a social membership will be in the $10 to $20 range, and for adults will include a membership of the TVRUASC (or if you are already a member of the TVRUASC, SCT social membership will be offered at a discounted rate). Social members will be able to compete for free at Fadden Pines, run for the SCT winter pointscore competition at YCRC events, take part in club relays during the winter season and run as SCT teams in fun-run team categories.

  • SCT Photo Competition:
    The Committee has decided to have a photo competition with monthly prizes! For more information, go to the Photo Competition page.

  • Jessamy Hosking wins the 2012 Australian Mountain Running Championships:
    Jess, Aus Mtn Running ChampSCT's Jessamy Hosking has taken out the 2012 Australian Mountain Running Championships held on Mt Wellington in Hobart, Tasmania on Sunday 29 April. Jessamy led home two of her ACT teammates, Melissa Clarke and Vanessa Haverd. The race, an 'up' event for this year, started at Fern Tree and finished on the summit of Mt Wellington. Conditions were tough, with freezing winds and snow adding to the difficulties of the uphill course. Jessamy's time for the 8k was 49:27, well clear of Melissa (53:01) and former Six Foot Track winner Vanessa (53:16). The 2012 World Mountain Running Championships will be held in the Italian village of Temu this September.
    Stuart Doyle finished 9th in the Open Men's 12k in 62:05, which also won him the M45 category. The race was won by Tasmania's Jordan Harries in 56:45.

    Just a week later, Jessamy won the Nail Can Hill Run in Albury. Her winning time for the 11.3k course was 45:50 and she finished 22nd overall. Her older brother Michael finished second in 38:17, less than ten seconds behind Lachlan Chisholm.

  • Fadden Pines to start on 6 May:
    The 2012 'Fadden Pines Schools' Cross Country' season will commence on Sunday 6 May at 3:00 PM and continue every Sunday afternoon until 5 August. Different length races are provided for all ages, including parents, volunteers and 'friends'. The Fadden Pines page for 2012 results is available here.

    Introducing possible Social Memberships
    As we are sure everyone is aware, the numbers of people competing and officiating at Athletics events in the ACT has been steadily declining for some time as have the numbers of people registered with the various athletics clubs. Athletics ACT is looking into potential remedies and commissioned a useful consultantĀ“s report that can be read here. It is worth everyone having a read.

    One issue that we have identified is that there are a number of people who are involved in SCT activities, especially the Fadden Pines event, but who are not members of the club. Currently, club members have to be registered with Athletics ACT and these people are at this stage not competing or officiating in Athletics ACT events. We would like to give people like this the chance of joining and becoming more involved in our club, and so we want to introduce a new class of Social Membership for people who want to be involved in the club but who are not current members of Athletics ACT.

    We see Social Membership as a way of bringing more people into the club and athletics in the ACT, and hope that it will become an additional pathway into the athletics community. We expect that at least some social members will move onto becoming registered athletes or officials, and will encourage them to do so.

    To make it as easy as possible for people to join the club, the membership fee for social members will be low, and we will be starting some more social activities to make membership a worthwhile investment for everyone. Social members will not be recognised as athletes or officials by Athletics ACT and so will not be able to compete as a SCT athlete at any official athletics event. We do not expect there to be any incentive for athletes currently registered with Athletics ACT to downgrade to social memberships, so this move should increase our membership base, not move members from one category to another.

    In order to have this new class of membership, the SCT Constitution needs to be changed. This requires a majority of 75% of attending members at general meeting, and we will hold the vote at the AGM in May. We hope that as many people who can come will be there. The proposed changes purely involve adding 2 new clauses and changing one clause in the Constitution. The proposed changes are at the end of the email. If anyone wants to vote but cannot be there, please get in touch about proxy voting.

    We can circulate a copy of the current Constitution to members who are interested. If you have any questions about this, please also get in touch.

  • Medals for Doyle and Hosking on Mt Tennent:
    SCT runners Stuart Doyle and Jessamy Hosking were medal-winners at the ACT Mountain Running Championships held on Mount Tennent on Saturday 24 March. Stuart placed 3rd in the Open Men's Championship while Jessamy was a convincing winner of the Open Women's Championship. Here is John Harding's race report:

    "Former Australian champions Mark Bourne and Jessamy Hosking were in top form in the ACT Mountain Running Championships on the courses used on Mt Tennent for the Australian Championships in 2010. The 11 k men's course had 1030 metres of climb and Bourne clocked 55.47, a time which would have placed him a close second in 2010. Chris Helliwell was second in 1.10.15, slightly faster than his 7th placed performance in the 2010 national title. Stuart Doyle was off-colour and had a struggle to finish, nevertheless clocking 1.05.05 for 3rd.

    The 8 km women's course had a climb of 800 metres. Pre-race favourite Melissa Clarke led out but fell ill after 1 km. Former national champion Jessamy Hosking took over and ran away from the rest of the field to clock 48.25, a time which would have earned her second in the 2010 national title behind Vanessa Haverd who is currently away in Tasmania on a work trip. Louise Sharp improved three minutes on her 2010 run to finish second in 51.31 and could well press for national selection in the Australian Championships in Tasmania on 29 April. Elizabeth Humphries, second in last year's national championship, made a pleasing comeback from injury to finish 3rd in 54.12. The non-championship 5.8 km run up the mountain was won by Aaron Munday in 45.37 from Nick Melhuish and Hugh Moore, with the fastest females Kelly Bennett in 59.08, followed by Erica Smith and Annie Irvin in 1.17.39."

  • The ACT Open Track & Field Championships:
    Were held on 23 to 25 March. Results for SCT athletes available here soon...

  • The Australian Junior T & F Championships:
    Nine SCT athletes were members of the ACT Team which contested the 2012 Australian Junior Track and Field Championships at Sydney Olympic Park from the 14th to the 18th of March. SCT's medal winners were Harry Bates (Bronze), Ashleigh Resch (Bronze) and Bridget Reilly (Gold and Silver). Here are the results for SCT athletes:

    Men's 400m Under-14 Preliminaries. Q5th Kieran Reilly 60.05.
    Men's 400m Under-14 Final. 4th Kieran Reilly 59.85.
    Men's 800m Under-14 Final. 7th Kieran Reilly 2:19.94.
    Men's 400m Under-15 Preliminaries. Q5th Adrian Plummer 54.36.
    Men's 400m Under-15 Final. 6th Adrian Plummer 55.34.
    Men's 200m Under-16 Preliminaries. 14th Nathan McNab 24.68 (-0.4w).
    Men's 200m Under-18 Preliminaries. 16th Cameron Nicholls 22.84 (-0.2w).
    Men's 400m Under-18 Preliminaries. Q5th Cameron Nicholls 49.68.
    Men's 400m Under-18 Final. 6th Cameron Nicholls 49.35.
    Men's 5000m Race Walk Under-18. 3rd Harry Bates 24:27.40.
    Men's Discus Under-14. 6th Kieran Reilly 33.02m.
    Men's Discus Under-16. 4th Lachlan Baynham 55.28m.
    Men's Shot Put Under-16. 10th Lachlan Baynham 12.86m.
    Men's Triple Jump Under-15. 5th Adrian Plummer 11.80 (+0.0w).
    Men's Long Jump Under-20. 13th Jonathan Tammen 6.57m (+2.2w).

    Women's 3000m Race Walk Under-16. 3rd Ashleigh Resch 15:09.18.
    Women's 800m Under-17 Preliminaries. Q5th Bridget Reilly 2:14.07.
    Women's 800m Under-17 Final. 1st Bridget Reilly 2:08.66.
    Women's 800m Under-17. 2nd Bridget Reilly 4:28.13.

  • The SCT AGM and Annual Sports Awards:
    This year's AGM and Annual Sports Awards will be held on 15 May, commencing at 8:30 PM, downstairs at the Erindale Club. A major item of business will be a vote on an ammendment to the club constitution to include a 'Social Member' category.

  • The TVRUASC Annual Sports Awards:
    SCT subsidised the cost to members and families who attended the Tuggeranong Valley Rugby Union and Amateur Sports Clubs 2011 Sports Awards. The presentation and dinner was held at The Auditorium, Erindale, on Saturday 25 February, 2012. SCT successfully nominated Cathy Tanks in the category of 'Outstanding Volunteer' for her work as a manager of various teams; uniforms co-ordinator and BBQ fund-raiser at the track. The award was won by a long-serving member of the Gymnastics Club. The winner of the HR Heher Shield was World Champion and Olympic BMX hopeful Caroline Buchanan.

  • The SCT Annual Turkey Run a great success!
    SCT's Annual 'Turkey Run' was held on Sunday 20 November 2011 at Fadden Pines. This is a run where entrants estimate their finishing time and run without a watch. Places are awarded to the closest correct 'guesses'. A slightly different course is used each year. For 2011 we used a 2-lap course which measured 3.59 kilometres.
    Committee member Jim White was actually closest to his guess - 4.25 sec difference but committee members were ineligible for prizes. Don Roach was closest to the mystery time difference (2 min 41 sec).

    The winner was Gwyllym Young ($200 Gift Voucher - Runner's Shop). Time Difference 4.40 seconds.
    Second was Charlie Modrak ($150 Gift Voucher - Runner's Shop). Time difference 5.17 sec.
    Third was Simon Hosking ($100 Gift Voucher - Runner's Shop). Time difference 9.13 sec.
    Don Roach received $50 voucher from Runner's Shop being 13 seconds from the mystery time difference.

PlaceNameGuessActualDiff'ceKm rateTurkey Pl
1Stuart Grey13:3013:16.91133:427
2Jeff Grey14:0014:19.01193:599
3Stephen Sanday13:5014:35.98464:0411
4Ryan Young14:1014:49.48394:08Committee
5Francis Burns15:5415:43.08114:235
6Rohan Hosking15:1516:05.29504:2913
7David Clarke16:3016:15.06154:328
8Jarrad Barber16:1616:25.989.984:354
9Hugh McKenzie16:1516:26.29114:356
10Morgan Edwards16:0016:49.17494:4112
11Andrew Hosking15:5016:49.48594:4114
12Gwyllym Young17:3517:30.604.404:531st
13Simon Hosking17:4017:30.879.134:533rd
14Charlie Modrak18:0018:05.175.175:022nd
15Tim D'Abrera16:2518:28.182:035:0918
16Jim White19:2019:24.254.255:24Committee
17Kate McCallum24:5019:28.725:225:2623
18Geoff Monro18:0019:51.371:515:32Committee
19Don Roach17:2519:53.502:295:32Mystery Time
20Sidney Sanday18:5020:48.031:585:4817
21Gary Hosking19:0021:14.932:145:5519
22Ewen Thompson20:3621:24.88485:58Committee
23Maria White21:1522:26.131:116:1516
24Val Kuta32:4327:45.804:587:4422
25Sam Littlehales28:5327:47.661:057:4515
26Ann Marie Crow42:0028:47.5613:138:0124
27Danielle Barber32:3232:08.02248:5710
28Luke Thomas29:3632:33.292:579:0420
29Trish D'Abrera37:0032:45.964:149:0821

  • Email news from Ryan Young:
    Hi everyone,

    We have a couple of quick South Canberra Tuggeranong reminders now that the track season is up and running.

    If you need SCT uniforms, please see Cathy Tanks or Mike Sexton.

    Garry Hosking is running training sessions at the Woden Track on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. If anyone wants to join or use the track, please get in touch with Garry -

    But most importantly, applications are open once again for the VIKINGS SPORTS SCHOLARSHIPS. Jane McGlew (photofinish in the Commonwealth Room) has application forms and they need to be put in by December 5.

    The awards are for students entering Years 11, 12 or CIT or University in 2012 and last for the duration of your studies. They are well worth applying for as they are worth $500/yr whilst at high school and $1000/yr whilst at university. The club currently has 5 members in receipt of scholarships (Angeline Blackburn, Nick Buckland, Kelsey-Lee Roberts, Hannah Flannery and Jonathon Tammen) and have had quite a number over the years.

    Please see Jane on Thursday 10th November at the Secondary School Carnival or at a Thursday or Friday night competition.

    If you have any other news that you want to go out to all the members, let me know.



  • The 2011 Australian Cross Country Championships:
    For 2011 the Australian Cross Country and Australian All-Schools Cross Country Championships were held at Stromlo Forest Park on 20 August. Following are the results for SCT and 'Fadden Pines' runners:

    Boys 2000 Metre CC 10 Years
    26 Rohan Hosking 10 ACT 8:06

    Boys 3k CC 12 Years
    22 Riley Budd 12 ACT 11:00

    Girls 3k CC 12 Years
    24 Rebecca Sargent 12 ACT 12:10

    Boys 3k CC U14
    49 Hugh Mckenzie 13 ACTSS 10:58

    Girls 3k CC U14
    33 Olivia Fogarty 13 ACTSS 11:46

    Girls 4k CC U16
    29 Leanne Pompeani 15 ACTSS 14:50
    41 Rebekah Sawkins 14 ACTSS 15:05
    42 Bridget Reilly 15 ACT 15:05
    63 Caitlin Hosking 14 ACT 15:49

    Girls 4k CC U18
    24 Anna McCormack 16 ACTSS 14:41

    Women 8k CC Open
    28 Hannah Flannery 88 ACT 31:15

  • Bits and Pieces:
    The missing results from Fadden Pines have been added at last (a problem with my email forwarding while I was overseas). Coming soon:
    Results from the Winter Season Pointscore, High Noon Meets.

  • OAM for Dot Mills!
    SCT's Dot Mills has been awarded an OAM by the Queen on 13 July. Here is the story from Athletics ACT:
    "Dot Mills, Canberra's longest serving Athletics Official/Administrator, was awarded an Order of Australia in the Queen's Birthday Honours List on Monday for her services to athletics.

    With almost 44 years of service in the sport of athletics Dot is AACT's longest serving member, commencing back in the early 1970s when her daughter was a junior walker. Dot has served AACT in many areas however her prime role has been as a timekeeper. Dot is a Life Member of AACT and in 2002 was awarded the Australia Sports Medal. Dot has been an Athletics Australia Technical Official at major events for the past ten years and has also worked closely with Denis Wilson and Ian Colquhoun in organising exams for AA's technical officials. Dot has been a member of the AACT Awards Committee for 24 years."

  • The YCRC 4 x 1 mile road relays:
    This new event for the winter running calendar was held on Saturday 25 June using the 'Christmas Relays' 1 mile bike-path loop at Lennox Gardens. SCT managed to field 2 teams (overall attendance was low), an A-grade 'mixed' team and a B-grade team. Our A-grade team placed 3rd overall and first amongst mixed teams. Well done! Stuart Doyle also recorded the two fastest splits of the day with 5:08 and 5:12. Betsy Anderson-Smith had the second fastest female time with 5:43.

    SCT Teams:
    SCT 'A' Mixed: 1 Stuart Doyle 5:08, 2 Ryan Young 5:26, 3 Betsy Anderson-Smith 5:43, 4 Geoff Monro 5:53 (22:10).
    SCT 'B-grade': 1 Geoff Monro 7:27, 2 Ewen Thompson 6:52, 3 Gwyllym Young 6:56, 4 Jim White 7:24 (28:39).

  • SCT athletes at the ACT Cross Country Championships:
    U16 cross country at StromloHere is the report from Athletics ACT:
    "Fierce headwinds on Saturday morning made this year's ACT Cross Country Championships [18 June] slightly more gruelling than in recent years. Unlike a track race, where you can find yourself a willing wind block and endeavour to take turns to face the wind, Cross Country tends to split the field. In the open Men's race, Anthony Haber took the lead early to take the gold medal for the 12km event. Emily Brichacek made her return to Cross Country to win the open Women's 8km event, backing up after her impressive mile performance in Leonora last fortnight.
    The Championships are the primary selection trial for the Australian Cross Country Championships to be held in Canberra at the Stromlo track in August. Congratulations to all athletes who participated in today's event."

    SCT Results:
    Girls 14-15 4k Run CC U16 Girls: 2 Bridget Reilly 15:26, 6 Caitlin Hosking 17:10, 8 Ashleigh Resch 17:56.
    Women 16-17 4k Run CC U18 Women: 8 Elizabeth Hosking 18:50.
    Women 20-99 8k Run CC Open Women: 3 Hannah Flannery 30:52, 7 Betsy Anderson-Smith 34:08.
    Boys 12-13 3k Run CC U14 Boys: 8 Adrian Plummer 11:16, 12 Kieran Reilly 14:02, 13 Timothy D'Abrera 14:41.
    Men 20-99 12k Run CC Open Men: 9 Chris Williams 41:30, 12 Ryan Young 47:48.

  • Latest SCT E-mail Newsletter:
    Events over Winter:
    There are a lot of different athletics events happening over winter, and good luck to everyone representing SCT.
    The Fadden Pines Sunday afternoon cross-country series has kicked of and is going successfully. It is aimed at school children but anyone is welcome to join in. For more information see:

    The YCRC Winter Cross Country Series is continuing, with events every Saturday. (See:
    A highlight of the Winter Series is always the ACT Cross Country Championships on June 18. All club members are reminded that they need to register online before the event (this coming week!). See this page.
    The High Noon series is also underway with events about every 3 weeks:
    The Australian Cross Country Championships are also in Canberra this year, at Stromlo Forest Park on the weekend of August 20 - 22.

    Officials Training:
    Many of you are aware that Athletics ACT regular does not have enough officials for Meets to run properly. We strongly encourage anyone who is interested to get involved as it is a great way to assist the athletics community and see great performances close up. Athletics ACT is holding a series of training events to coincide with the High Noon meets for people who are interested in being officials. These are FREE and take a few hours on a Sunday. For more information, contact or see the Athletics ACT website.

    Runners Shop Sale:
    Finally, I am not sure if everyone is aware, but club members get a discount at the Runners Shop in Phillip. The Runners Shop has also opened its Yearly June sale early for club members. SCT receives a small proportion of Runners Shop sales to SCT members so remember to mention that your club is SCT!

  • The SCT AGM and Awards Night:
    The SCT Athletics Club AGM and awards night was held on Tuesday 24th of May at the Vikings Club in Erindale. Awards (trophies and certificates) were presented to the top three athletes in SCT's summer and winter pointscore competitions. If you haven't received your award, please contact Jane McGlew.
    Your committee for the 2011/12 season was also elected:
    President - Geoff Monro; Secretary/Administrator - Ryan Young; Treasurer - Mike Sexton; Vikings Representative & Awards - Jane McGlew; Website - Ewen Thompson; General Committee - Stuart Doyle, Cathy Tanks, Jim White, Trish D'Abrera. Committee meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, 8pm at the Vikings Club, Erindale. All Welcome!

    A number of individuals and teams did very well at the Athletics ACT Annual Awards Presentation at the Hellenic Club on Friday, 27 May.
    The night was very professionally run by Neil Boden (Board Member) and Alex Gosman (President); and SCT's own Hannah Flannery (also a Board Member) put together an excellent multi-media display showing nominees and winners. The food on the tables was well done and there was an open bar and soft-drinks on the table. The event didn't drag on like some presentation nights and there were some wonderful insights into the achievements of some of the people you see at athletic events but often don't get to talk to.
    If you haven't been to an ACT Athletics presentation night before, it is highly recommended for next year. In fact we should endeavour to put together a couple of SCT tables to support our people next year.
    SCT Members who featured on the night were:

    Ex- Stadia
    U20 Female - Betsy Anderson-Smith. U14 Female - Caitlin Hosking. U18 Male - Harry Bates.
    Open Female - Ann Staunton-Jugovic. U16 Female - Anna McCormack, Bridget Reilly, Elizabeth Hosking. U16 Male - Harry Bates.

    Track & Field
    U16 Female - Bridget Reilly.
    Open Female - Kelsey Lee Roberts. U18 Female - Elizabeth Hosking, Natalie Tanks. U16 Female - Caitlin Hosking, Anna McCormack. U18 Male - Jonathon Tammen. U16 Male - Lachlan Baynham. U14 Male - Lachlan Baynham.

    Dot Mills Award - Official of the Year:
    Winner: Jane McGlew.
    Brian Gleeson Trophy - Junior Coach of the Year:
    Garry Hosking, Alan Bishop.
    Mick Dowling Trophy - Outstanding Athlete with a Disability:
    Nomination - Wade McMahon.
    Senator Margaret Reid Trophy - Outstanding Junior Club Athlete:
    Nomination: Harry Bates.

    Club Champions: Female Under 20 (Summer) - SCT. Female Under 18 (Summer) - SCT.
    Male Open (Winter) - SCT.

    Laurel Wreath Numbers (2011/12 Season):
    #16 - Wade McMahon, #22 - Kelsey-Lee Roberts, #23 - Harry Bates, #25 - Ann Staunton-Jugovic.

    Congratulations to all athletes/coaches/officials who were nominated or won awards, you should be very proud of your achievements.

  • 50 Fadden Pines Races for Grace:
    Grace runs 50!Cross country racing for school-aged children (and adult helpers) was conducted at Fadden Pines again today (15 May). At the conclusion of the 2000m race a special presentation was made to Grace Unwin in recognition of her having completed 50 races since 2006 — an amazing achievement! Congratulations Grace!

    Competition continues at Fadden Pines throughout the winter, always at 3 P.M. on Sundays. In other athletics news, members of SCT should have received an email of news items from Athletics ACT. If not, you can read it here.

  • New SCT Age-group Records:
    There have been a few new records set by SCT athletes. The records pages will be updated later this week.

  • New Flags for SCT!
    New Flags at Fadden PinesSCT's new flags and electronic timing clock have been on display at the Fadden Pines Schools' Cross Country races held on Sunday afternoons during the winter season. This equipment has been provided with 'bonus grants' generously provided by the Vikings Club.

  • Athletics ACT AGM and Awards night:
    It is the season for AGMs as Athletics ACT has their AGM and Awards night on May 27 at the Hellenic Club in Woden. Everyone who is a member of South Canberra is automatically a member of Athletics ACT and it would be great to see as many people there as possible.
    More information, including a RSVP form can be found on this webpage.

  • Fadden Pines has started!
    Fadden Pines runner RebekahSCT's schools' cross country season commenced on Sunday 1 May at Fadden Pines. More information (with a link to results) can be found on the fadpines.html web page. Competition will continue every Sunday afternoon until 7 August (the weekend prior to the City to Surf). Results were published in the The Canberra Times PB Sports Results section of the Tuesday's paper.

  • The 2011 Australian Junior T & F Championships:
    The 2011 Australian Junior T & F Championships were held at Sydney Olympic Park from 10 to 14 March. SCT athletes won four Australian titles: Middle distance double gold to Bridget Reilly in the U16 800 metres in a time of 2:13.06 and 1500 metres in a time of 4:39.19, bronze to Libby Hosking in the U17 5000m Walk in 25:38.24 and bronze to Harry Bates in the U17 5000m Walk in 23:22.61. Congratulations all! The complete results for SCT competitors are as follows:

    Women 200 Metre Under 18 Preliminaries — 19th Natalie Tanks, ACT, 26.25, w:-1.1.
    Women 400 Metre Under 18 Preliminaries — 13th Natalie Tanks, ACT, 59.46.
    Women Long Jump Under 18 — 12th Natalie Tanks, ACT, 5.16m, w:-0.6.
    Women 5000 Metre Race Walk Under 17 — 3rd Elizabeth Hosking, ACT, 25:38.24.
    Women 800 Metre Under 16 Preliminaries — 6th Bridget Reilly, ACT, 2:19.45Q.
    Women 800 Metre Under 16 Finals — 1st Bridget Reilly, ACT, 2:13.06.
    Women 1500 Metre Under 16 — 1st Bridget Reilly, ACT, 4:39.19.
    Women 3000 Metre Race Walk Under 15 — 6th Caitlin Hosking, ACT, 15:18.24.

    Men 400 Metre Under 17 Preliminaries — 7th Cameron Nicholls, ACT, 50.74q.
    Men 400 Metre Under 17 Finals — 5th Cameron Nicholls, ACT, 51.19.
    Men 10000 Metre Race Walk Under 20 — 7th Harry Bates, ACT, 50:48.02.
    Men High Jump Under 18 — 7th Jonathan Tammen, ACT, 1.88m.
    Men 5000 Metre Race Walk Under 17 — 3rd Harry Bates, ACT, 23:22.61.
    in the Italian village of Temu in September Men Shot Put Under 15 — 7th Lachlan Baynham, ACT, 10.92m
    Men Discus Throw Under 15 — 4th Lachlan Baynham, ACT, 46.31m

    If you were a competitor at the championships and your results are missing, please contact the committee via the Contact SCT link on the right of this page.

  • The 2011 Vikings Sports Awards:
    The 27th Vikings HR Heher Sports Awards for the 2010 sporting year were held on Friday 18 February. The night was an outstanding success, showcasing the outstanding talent that exists in and around the Tuggeranong Valley. More than 250 affiliate club members and guests attended (including a table of members from SCT) with special guests Ms Amanda Bresnan and Mr Steve Doszpot.

    Outstanding Junior Achievement: The winner of the junior category, the ActewAGL Shield, was SCT Athletics Club representative Bridget Reilly after winning gold in the 800m at the Australian Little Athletics Championships. Bridget had an exceptionally successful 2010. A gifted athlete, she has been successful in club, state and national competitions. Bridget broke club records for the 400m, 800m and 1500m at the ACT Little Athletics Championships. She won the 200, 400, 800 and 1500 metre events and finished second in the 100m and high jump. Bridget was named captain of the ACT side that went to the Australian LA Championships where she won the 800m.

    Outstanding Volunteer: Lisa Colquhoun was our successful nomination in this competitive category for her tireless work officiating for Athletics ACT. The award was won by Maree Wilson from the Canberra Physical Culture Club. In 2010 Lisa was awarded top honours at the Annual ACTSPORT Awards, winning the prestigious Official of the Year Trophy. Lisa was recognised for her dedication to her highly valuable role in Athletics for over 15 years and thanked for her ongoing support of officials training.

    Vikings Sports Scholarships: This scheme from the Vikings Club has provided in excess of $750,000 to over 500 young Tuggeranong Valley athletes in the past 24 years. The scheme provides financial assistance to elite sports men & women to assist them with the costs involved in competing in their chosen sport, whilst continuing their studies at either college or tertiary level.
    SCT had two recipients this year — distance runner Hannah Flannery and high/triple jumper Jonathan Tammen. Continuation scholarships were awarded to Angie Blackburn, Nick Buckland and Kelsey-Lee Roberts.

  • Polo Shirts now available!
    SCT now has a large supply of polo shirts embroidered with the club logo. They are suitable for casual wear or competition on cooler days. Price is $30 and they're available from Mike or Jane at the track.

  • The SCT Turkey Run:
    SCT's annual 'Turkey Run' was held on Saturday 18 December 2010. A small field runners and walkers completed a two-lap course of 3.8k on the trails of Fadden Pines. The object of the event (besides having fun) was to estimate your finish time prior to the start and run/walk without a watch. Places were decided according to how close your actual time was to your estimated time. The winner was Norma Lindemann who was just six seconds away from her estimated time. Norma won a $100 gift voucher. Second was Gwyllym Young (12 secs and a $75 gift voucher) and third Paul Considine (14 secs and a $50 gift voucher).
Time Diff
1Norma Lindemann0:06Over
2Gwyllym Young0:12Under
3Paul Considine0:14Under
4Ryan Young0:25Under
5Geoff Monro0:39Under
6Jim White0:58Over
7Felix Huber0:58Under
8Maria White1:12Under
9Steve Karvelas1:32Under
10Zara Huber1:48Over
11Charlie Modrak1:49Under
12Michael Burt1:53Under
13Linda Huber1:54Over
14Eric Lindemann3:26Over
15Lilly Bogsjevic7:59Under
16Freia Huber11:35Under

  • How to join SCT Athletics Club:
    To join SCT you will need to complete an online membership of ACT Athletics and choose "South Canberra Tuggeranong" as your club when filling out the form. It's as simple as that! If you don't have a credit card, contact Mike or Geoff at the AIS track over summer.

  • Coaches Association Fees:
    The SCT committee has approved payment of Australian T & F Coaches Association annual fees for coaches connected with SCT who are actively coaching SCT athletes. Contact Mike Sexton for further details.

  • SCT Tracksuits available!
    We now have a good supply of club tracksuits. They are available from Mike Sexton or Jim White. The price is $100 for the full tracksuit or $60 for the top and $40 for the pants.

  • More News...
    The second page of SCT News can be found here.

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